Why Curiosity?

“I have no special talents.  I am only passionately curious.“ – Albert Einstein The World Economic Forum – backed by an outpouring of mildly panic stricken white papers from big name organisational consultancies (1) – hails our era as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We are already riding the rising wave of an increasingly complex fusion […]

‘Disruption’ is Asking the Question, “Who Are You?”

Last month I attended and gave a workshop at ‘Berlin Change Days’ – a conference full of an extraordinary diversity of bright, creative and highly progressive ‘Change Agents’ – whose theme this year was ‘Disruption’.  The conference opened with a mock trial of ‘disruption’, debating whether the word still has credence and traction, or whether […]

Spasm, Splinting, and Change Dynamics: Injury, Immobilisation & Aggravation

The same can hold true for individuals and organisations: ideological fixations, addictive behaviours, authoritarianism, legalism – all of which may have been a temporary ‘fix’ for a traumatic situation – become normalized and enculturated. However, because temporary fixes are inadequate long-term solutions they typically engender more instances of conflict and turbulence hence further aggravating an initial trauma. A vicious circle takes hold.

The Tale of Sitting Duck

Sitting Duck, frozen with fear, couldn’t paddle, couldn’t fly, frozen knowing, that below the Beast was coming, from below. And so it did. Rapacious gaping maw, black gorger, wide open, all teeth, snapping and gulping and swallowing, ’till all there was left in the universe of the duck hemmed in by teeth closing was the […]

Curiosity & Vulnerability Pt.2: When is it safe to be vulnerable?

Curiosity is the opposite of blind faith:
it’s reconnaissant, observant, watchful, interested.
It’s gathering information through careful observation.

Change & Technology

1/2 Day Workshops, April 23 & May 20 – Technology is so ubiquitous as a driver of change in work culture that we virtually associate ‘innovation’ with ‘technology’. But what is technology? What is the question that it is answering? And, once we have decided on a technological solution to a problem, why is the implementation of that solution sometimes so disruptive?

This workshop will explore these questions. It will introduce what technology is, what change is, what culture is, and discuss the tensions that can occur when you put the three together.

Dare Drive

Bless the drive that compels you over the great divide. The faith by which you take the great leap. You don’t need to know how to fly. You never dive into wide open sky. You can’t see, yet, the unexpected astonishing weaving that will emerge beneath and before you, a net work of new openings […]

Practising Joy (through the festive season of long nights)

‘What is Joy? and ‘How do you Practise Joy’? I posed these questions to the CSI community and received many generous and wise responses. These are my reflections on that, as well as the role of ‘choice’ in joy, and practising joy.

Cultivating Competence in Curiosity – 2 Day Workshop

Curiosity is the key to innovation, productivity, agility, well-being and fulfillment but curiosity is commonly suppressed in the workplace.

Curiosity Culture offers an integrated program, underpinned by a competency framework, to cultivate curiosity. From discovery talks and labs, to intensive workshops, change coaching and community development, we facilitate a journey which awakens the inquisitive spirit, brings it to life, and embeds it in the DNA of a thriving organisational culture.

Marvels & Miracles

The odds of my birth. That single sperm cell, out of the initial millions of genetically diverse cells, is the one and the only that makes it into the egg. And that this conceptional unlikelihood – the odds already so rare and outrageously far-fetched that even a gambler in despair would shun them – has […]

‘Ten Questions on DIVE’ from BarczaBlog

Leslie Barcza sent me ten questions based on the compositions for DIVE.
They were great questions, allowing me to do a little more digging into the motivations and themes for the compositions………………………………………………………………………….

Fascism & ‘The Wild’ in ‘DIVE: Odes for Lighea’

Is the tale a premise for the struggle between ‘fascism’ and ‘the wild’? Is fascism a polarity to the wild? Or is the tension between the two more complex? What do we mean by ‘fascism’? And what do we mean by ‘the wild’?

Fascism & Utopia

Fascism is a hair’s breadth from Utopia.

Those who try to force funnel the hard grit gravity ground of everyday into Utopia,
to compel it across the great divide,
turn into slavemasters and witchhunters.
Naiively they set out to purify the strain, exorcise the demons, exterminate the wrong thinking, abolish the Mixolydians.

What is Translibrium?

‘Trans’ comes from the Greek ‘across’, and ‘librium’ is from the Greek ‘libra’ which connotes both balance (equilibrium) and freedom (‘libre’, liberty). Whereas ‘homeostasis’ assumes a return to an initial state as a descriptor of health, ‘translibrium’ assumes continuous adaptation as a requisite for survival.


“In the greatest tension, the greatest creation,
and the greatest creation is the gravest danger,
and destruction is tension held taut beyond limitation…

A spoken word piece on creativity, tension and transformation layed over an accidental funk improv.