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Friends are Holy

Ananda: ‘Is it true that noble friends are half the holy life?’
Buddha: ‘No. That’s not true. Noble friends are the whole of the holy life.’ “

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‘Soul’ as the basic dynamo, fueled by basic goodness, intrinsic and inherent in any living being, towards authenticity, awakening, liberation. Not a ‘thing’, and hence not conditional, but more a quality of energy, an active nature, which ‘expresses /is expressed’ in different beings in different ways.

An orienting energy which
seduces, provokes, agitates,
empowers, encourages, devestates,
– whatever it takes – towards growth.

What soul orients is any ‘karma accretor momentum entity’, any ‘spatio-temporal unity’, that is, any ‘thing’. ‘Things’ can persist through time, and even through ‘lives’, though not without changing… In fact, they must change, or they will cease to persist.

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The Mountain is Ourselves

“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.”
Sir Edmund Hillary

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Ruminations on Emotional and Spiritual Care for presentation to 5 Cardio PCC Rounds

Spirituality is the principle of psychic growth.

Human consciousness is the only living entity that can choose not to grow.

Psychically we grow cyclically.

Addiction is a sick psychle.

Emotions are the symptoms we have to read the spiritual malaise.

Faiths, religions, can enable this growth or, alternately, they can ice growth. So, the tradition itself, or whether there is a tradition at all, is not an indicator of usefulness.

Growth requires change, and physical catastrophe is a terrain of great change. A person who has become very ill must change, is already changed, and so the hospital is a vast and relentless vehicle/machine of change.

It’s the role of the chaplain to engage that change and direct it into transformation.
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Addiction is a sick psychle

Psychically we grow cyclically.
Addiction is a sick psychle.

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