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Homeostasis, Change, Addiction & Love

This IGNITE Talk (5 mins, 15 secs per slide – GO!) was presented at the Web of Change Conference Sept. 2013, at Balcones Springs just outside of Austin, TX. Huge thanks to the WOCMob for welcoming this errant pitch!

In response to my opening statement “I’m curious why orgs and people fiercely protect outrageous poisonous bullshit that will kill them, while resisting change that is blatantly obviously healthy and liberating.”, I trace an origin of ‘Things’ – conceptual, biological, then psychological – asserting that ego is a ‘homeostatic’ entity. I propose that ego is built up by ‘habits’ cycling around core desires, and that addiction reifies into a ‘cyclostatic’ resistance to change. Addiction is self-generating and delusional, both of which are relatively good descriptions of many orgs resistant to, for example, climate change science. Addictive structures, functioning in denial, are also exceedingly resistant to love, whose nature is revelatory. Situations where love directly encounters addiction are typically ‘apocalyptic’.










A Call to DIVE V – Lighea’s Idyll

…I’ve saved a bit of a gem for the week after the launch. ‘Lighea’s Idyll’ is really a full on ambient work, summoning a brilliant sunlit sea, awash in the sounds of ripples and waves in a multiplicity of patterns, and the emergence – gently bobbing up from the deeps – of the mermaid as her natural self, in her oceanic element.

A Call to DIVE IV – Crowdfunder Launch!

For real, it’s finally here.
I’ve launched a Crowdfunder on Kickstarter to complete the funding of this project ($3000 smackers is what it will take!).

The exceedingly talented photographer & filmmaker Jeremy Mimnagh created a very cool video for the project, and you can pre-order downloads, CDs, a poster of the cover art, and you can even order me. If you’re really special (I know, you’re all really special!) you can book a visitation from the mermaid herself!

There’s more music to come (and you won’t believe what Mussolini did to the wild), but for now it’s all about Kickstarter.

Check it out, pre-purchase some music, and enjoy the show!

A Call to DIVE III – PaulArio

Wow, it’s already been two weeks since I last sent a missive.

The word from the street is that folks seemed to gravitate to ‘The Pastry Shop’, which is no great surprise. But let’s face it, my mission, at least in in part, is to shift the centre of gravity.

So, in a last bit of gentle hootzpah before I lay on a CrowdFunder, I give you ‘PaulArio’. This is a piece which some of you may genuinely wonder if it actually qualifies as music, and some of you will think maybe Brian Eno met Kayhan Kalhor… Persian Ambient Psychedelia?

How can I explain?
Two searching souls meet one another, and through a strange course of recognition and discovery, become inextricably bound to a divine being, and a mutual pathway of devastation and awakening.

Headphones are especially useful.