A Call to DIVE III – PaulArio

Wow, it’s already been two weeks since I last sent a missive.

The word from the street is that folks seemed to gravitate to ‘The Pastry Shop’, which is no great surprise. But let’s face it, my mission, at least in in part, is to shift the centre of gravity.

So, in a last bit of gentle hootzpah before I lay on a CrowdFunder, I give you ‘PaulArio’. This is a piece which some of you may genuinely wonder if it actually qualifies as music, and some of you will think maybe Brian Eno met Kayhan Kalhor… Persian Ambient Psychedelia?

How can I explain?
Two searching souls meet one another, and through a strange course of recognition and discovery, become inextricably bound to a divine being, and a mutual pathway of devastation and awakening.

Headphones are especially useful.

A Call to Dive II – The Pastry Shop, Lighea’s Lovers, and Bar Hades

Greetings encore, diverse divers and lovers of dives.

It was a thrill to send the last missive off, and it’s been an even greater thrill to have so many amazingly cool responses from friends far and near, and new and old. Honoured indeed to have such great folks having a listen!

But the story’s just begun!

In this email I’ll present three more works: The Pastry Shop, Lighea’s Lovers, and Bar Hades.

A Call to DIVE I – The Prelude & The Pearls

Dear most excellent friends and family, compdramour, compadres, marvelous musicians, clever composers, miscellaneous accomplices, possibly interested acquaintances, and almost total strangers whom I thought just might be interested… I’d like to share a music project with you.

An Aria sung over a bed track of waves, gulls, Crystal Baschet, and a buoy bell run through a Line 6 delay modeler.
Mussolini’s ‘Vincere’ speech (in which he declared war on the Allies) slowed down
and stretched out so that it screams and moans.
Jack boots and Leni Riefenstahl samples.
Dulcimers, pan delay and Array Mbiras.
An ambient composition for microtonal instrument creator Harry Partch’s ‘Cloud Chamber Bowls’.
Layers and layers of fat classic analog synth (PolySix) layered in with howling wolves as a bed track for an astonishing vocal storm by the truly and terribly astonishing voice of our muse and main protaganist, mermaid and siren, Fides Krucker.


Lighea’s Lovers – ruffmix

Lighea’s Lovers is a song from the Sonic Theatre work ‘DIVE’.

The lyrics are by Richard Sanger, and the ‘Sailors Chorus’ is an adaptation by Nik from Richard’s original text.

The scene is a seedy bar, and the main character is the mermaid in the guise of a waitress who, while apparently reciting the tabs of patrons, is in fact reciting the names of her former lovers (famous sea explorers).

This music was recorded at the ArrayMusic studio in Toronto, Oct, 2013.
The Sailor’s Chorus was recorded in Davy Jones’ Locker, Dec, 2013.

Vocals – Fides Krucker
Percussion & Vibraphone – Rick Sacks
Acoustic Bass – Rob Clutton
Sailor’s Chorus: Stephen Goring, Anthony Smith, Neil Gardiner, Alex Follis, Nik Beeson

Studio Engineering – Rick Sacks
Mix Production – Nik Beeson



The Pastry Shop

Song from Sonic Theatre/Opera ‘DIVE’

Composition – Nik Beeson
Libretto – Richard Sanger
Voice – Fides Krucker
Bass – Rob Clutton
Piano – Neil Gardiner
Vibes – Rick Sacks

Recorded at Array Studio


Crystal Lament

Music derived from Sonic Theatre/Opera ‘DIVE’

Composition – Nik Beeson
Bass improvisations – Rob Clutton
Voice improvisations – Fides Krucker
Sonic Couture Crystal Baschet – Nik Beeson

Recorded at Array Studio


After silence

“After silence,
that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible,
is music.”

– Aldous Huxley

Aldous Huxley

why birds sing

“A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer;
singingit sings because it has a song.”

– Maya Angelou

Sibongile Khumalo on what music means to her

“Music was a tool where musicians were reflecting, mirroring what society saw, how society felt. And, of course, music was an escape. Music is a repository of your culture, of your history, of your legacy …. Music has the ability to help us articulate feelings, music has the ability to help people get hopeful that it can be changed.”
– Sibongile Khumalo explains what music meant for her during the South African struggle:

‘DIVE’ – an immersive voice salon-sound installation

DIVE Postcard 12-05

These performances were, by every useful measure, really successful.  Our audiences loved it, and the sonic elements have worked out exceptionally well.  Fides was fantastic, and given the space we were working in, the budget, and the fact that this was a workshop, folks had a really powerful sonic theatrical experience.
We will be fundraising this winter, aiming for a full live performance next fall.
In the meantime, here are a couple of excerpts from the performance:




Fides Krucker, Richard Sanger and I have been working on this for about the last two years. This is a ‘workshop’ of the sonic elements of  a ‘sonic theatre’ performance with text by Canadian playwright/poet Richard Sanger.  Alex Fallis and Heidi Strauss are collaborating with direction, and Simon Rossiter is in for lighting.  We workshopped the text elements last year at CanStage.

This is almost an hour of music with fantastical and outrageous shifts
in genres (folk song, opera, acoustic sound art, found sound, ambient
electroacoustic, and just plain scary shit) with Fides performing

It’s by far the most ambitious and challenging sound project I’ve ever
worked on.

There is very limited seating (it’s in our (Fides and my) home – about twenty people a night) so, if you think you can make it try and book early (note the
dates: they are a Saturday and Sunday, and then a Friday and a