In/Future – Overshadow

‘Overshadow’ was commissioned by artist Lyla Rye for her video installation ‘Overshadow’ which was projected on the ceiling of a silo in the In/Future festival at Toronto’s Ontario Place and looped from Sept. 15 – 25, 2016. It features the remixing the of Dolores Claman’s theme music for Ontario Place (Dolores is renowned for having written the Cdn iconic masterpiece, ‘Hockey Night in Canada’), + the plundering of contemporary pop artists (derived from Lyla’s daughter Leena’s playlist) Metric, Janelle Monae, Gorillaz, AWOL Nation and Lykke Li.

The structure of the piece passes from the grand optimistic – even utopian – fanfares of the Ontario Place Theme (written sometime in the 1970s)which are gradually eclipsed by millennial pop artifacts, until there is a full eclipse. Following the eclipse pop artifacts dominate. At the end, through a series of more or less disruptive insertions there is a gradual collapse, and the Ontario Place theme re-emerges in a somewhat dystopian crescendo…

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