Lighea’s Lovers – ruffmix

Lighea’s Lovers is a song from the Sonic Theatre work ‘DIVE’.

The lyrics are by Richard Sanger, and the ‘Sailors Chorus’ is an adaptation by Nik from Richard’s original text.

The scene is a seedy bar, and the main character is the mermaid in the guise of a waitress who, while apparently reciting the tabs of patrons, is in fact reciting the names of her former lovers (famous sea explorers).

This music was recorded at the ArrayMusic studio in Toronto, Oct, 2013.
The Sailor’s Chorus was recorded in Davy Jones’ Locker, Dec, 2013.

Vocals – Fides Krucker
Percussion & Vibraphone – Rick Sacks
Acoustic Bass – Rob Clutton
Sailor’s Chorus: Stephen Goring, Anthony Smith, Neil Gardiner, Alex Follis, Nik Beeson

Studio Engineering – Rick Sacks
Mix Production – Nik Beeson



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