May 02, 2007

May 2, 2007

Over the last month did two talks.

One on ‘Buddhist Practise and Social Engagement’ at the Toronto Shambhala Meditation Centre, another on ‘Addiction as Path’ at the Mississauga Shambhala Meditation Centre.

Really marvelous to have the opportunity of speaking on a couple of subjects that are pretty much in my bones. Many thanks to Paul Persofsky and Debbie McCubbin for the invites!

Would love to have the time to write a couple of articles but just don’t right now.

Moved in with old Catholic Worker friends (including Jim Loney and Dan Hunt, for whom a wrote a song many months ago) about two months ago. Been marvelous to be here, living in an atmosphere which is communal, genuinely caring, relaxed, but also dedicated to Social Justice.

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