out of the Chaplaincy Residency at UHN

ahhh, the agony…..

i am, at last, at least for the time being, pulling out of the Chaplaincy Residency at UHN.

It’s been a very rough ride bureaucratically, though I’ve loved the work, and feel like I had much to contribute. 80 hour weeks, baby not sleeping through the nights, the added demands of being ‘Buddhist’ where the standards are Christian, lack of basic surety around work… it’s been like climbing a mountain with your kids strapped on your back, and not knowing what’s at the top….

Disappointing though….
I seriously busted my ass like I’ve never done before….
And the work was beginning to flow deep into a great river of comprehension that I’ve been working away at for a couple of decades – hospitalisation and the nature of catastrophic change, transformation, apocalypse, bardo, journey, quest, ego, etc, etc……
It was all there….

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