PopUp Solo Set

Nik Beeson - Small World Music Centre

Live at the Small World Music Centre

I now have a PopUp solo set which I can perform most anywhere.
Folk, blues , funk punk, ambient, sound art and just plain noise,
there’s even a couple-a a-cappella, and a long poem runs through it.
Visitations from Dorothy, Abe Lincoln & Jiminy Cricket,
Improvisations, train wrecks, I can’t quite predict
how it will go,
every piece has a life of its own,

and away it goes…

I’m very interested in playing small spaces. They offer me the opportunity of communicating very directly.  All this music, and words, is just a way of communicating after all.  And I’m interested in conversation, in discussing how folks respond to what I perform.  What people take from it, how they experience it.

I have an excellent PA specifically designed for small to mid-sized rooms, and a light rig that can be transported quickly and easily.
I’m also house trained… mostly…

Section of the solo set at the premiere in a Parkdale living room

Nik Beeson - Small World Music Centre

Live at the Small World Music Centre

Comments from my first performance:

“Nik Beeson is a musical genius. I had the pleasure of attending a solo show of his in a unique intimate setting. Nik took us on an incredible sonic, poetic, epic journey via guitar loopness, fractured transmissions from Wizard Of Oz and the Gettysburg Address and through inner landscapes with the ease of a magician.
Looking forward to the next gig!”

– Geoff D.

“As I said at the time I found it very beautiful. There was a high level of artistry. The word choices were precise and rich, the music was encompassing and complex, and your own enthusiasm was mirrored by your audience…”
– Peter H.