‘DIVE’ – an immersive voice salon-sound installation

DIVE Postcard 12-05

These performances were, by every useful measure, really successful.  Our audiences loved it, and the sonic elements have worked out exceptionally well.  Fides was fantastic, and given the space we were working in, the budget, and the fact that this was a workshop, folks had a really powerful sonic theatrical experience.
We will be fundraising this winter, aiming for a full live performance next fall.
In the meantime, here are a couple of excerpts from the performance:




Fides Krucker, Richard Sanger and I have been working on this for about the last two years. This is a ‘workshop’ of the sonic elements of  a ‘sonic theatre’ performance with text by Canadian playwright/poet Richard Sanger.  Alex Fallis and Heidi Strauss are collaborating with direction, and Simon Rossiter is in for lighting.  We workshopped the text elements last year at CanStage.

This is almost an hour of music with fantastical and outrageous shifts
in genres (folk song, opera, acoustic sound art, found sound, ambient
electroacoustic, and just plain scary shit) with Fides performing

It’s by far the most ambitious and challenging sound project I’ve ever
worked on.

There is very limited seating (it’s in our (Fides and my) home – about twenty people a night) so, if you think you can make it try and book early (note the
dates: they are a Saturday and Sunday, and then a Friday and a

Under a Paper Moon

Feb. 9 – 13, 2010

Nik Beeson & Fides Krucker




presented by hub 14

Under a Paper Moon

is fides krucker and nik beeson are
has previously publicly altercated in a train station (Union Station – Doors Open Festival)
and at some parliament buildings (Queens Park – Word on the Street).

OH will perform vignettes
on loving and lorning
and lunacy and death
OH my

Vignette 1: Loonie Tunes (music by Porter and SchOHenberg)
Vignette 2: Suitecase (music by Cole Porter)
Vignette 3: Suitecide (music by Nik Beeson)
Vignette 4: ‘She wondered where his mind had gone’ (no music whatsoever)