‘DIVE: Odes for Lighea’ – music for a contemporary Opera/Sonic Theatre

A Call to Dive II – The Pastry Shop, Lighea’s Lovers, and Bar Hades

Greetings encore, diverse divers and lovers of dives.

It was a thrill to send the last missive off, and it’s been an even greater thrill to have so many amazingly cool responses from friends far and near, and new and old. Honoured indeed to have such great folks having a listen!

But the story’s just begun!

In this email I’ll present three more works: The Pastry Shop, Lighea’s Lovers, and Bar Hades.

A Call to DIVE I – The Prelude & The Pearls

Dear most excellent friends and family, compdramour, compadres, marvelous musicians, clever composers, miscellaneous accomplices, possibly interested acquaintances, and almost total strangers whom I thought just might be interested… I’d like to share a music project with you.

An Aria sung over a bed track of waves, gulls, Crystal Baschet, and a buoy bell run through a Line 6 delay modeler.
Mussolini’s ‘Vincere’ speech (in which he declared war on the Allies) slowed down
and stretched out so that it screams and moans.
Jack boots and Leni Riefenstahl samples.
Dulcimers, pan delay and Array Mbiras.
An ambient composition for microtonal instrument creator Harry Partch’s ‘Cloud Chamber Bowls’.
Layers and layers of fat classic analog synth (PolySix) layered in with howling wolves as a bed track for an astonishing vocal storm by the truly and terribly astonishing voice of our muse and main protaganist, mermaid and siren, Fides Krucker.


The Pastry Shop

Song from Sonic Theatre/Opera ‘DIVE’

Composition – Nik Beeson
Libretto – Richard Sanger
Voice – Fides Krucker
Bass – Rob Clutton
Piano – Neil Gardiner
Vibes – Rick Sacks

Recorded at Array Studio


Crystal Lament

Music derived from Sonic Theatre/Opera ‘DIVE’

Composition – Nik Beeson
Bass improvisations – Rob Clutton
Voice improvisations – Fides Krucker
Sonic Couture Crystal Baschet – Nik Beeson

Recorded at Array Studio